Community Guidelines



Stay on Topic


The comment section of the AMPHL Blog is a place to discuss the content of the blog post. Discussions that are off-topic will not be approved and deleted.


Comments within a discussion should be related to the original post (“OP”), however, we understand that things may naturally veer in different directions. This is generally not an issue, but if the mods feel a comment chain has reached its limit, we may give a polite notice about being off topic. Arguments over issues occurring on other channels will not be tolerated.


No Self-Promotion

"Self-promotion" is an attempt to redirect traffic from AMPHL to your personal blog, website, page, etc. Self-promotion will not be allowed, with two exceptions:

  1. Permission is obtained from AMPHL beforehand.
  2. The blog post directly mentions you and/or your personal blog/website/page.


No profanity

Please do not use profanity. Our site is open to everyone and we would like to keep it clean out of respect for our readers.


treat others with respect

Personal attacks, insults with hostile intent, stalking, harassment, slander, and using offensive speech will not be tolerated. Discussions and comments with the sole purpose of antagonizing or provoking will be removed. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and broad, offensive generalizations about groups of people are simply not allowed. This is a community intended to be friendly and open. 


do not plagiarize

Please provide sources for content that is not your own. If you are posting a news article or if you are referencing another article or discussion in your OP, provide a link to your source.


No Spam

“Spam” is the posting of unsolicited messages, generally advertising a product or service. “Spam” can also be repetitive posting that is meant to be disruptive. Either form of spam is prohibited. Please note that accounts that post advertising spam will be banned without warning.

Duplicate Discussions

Please take a second to glance at the recent discussions before starting a comment thread. If someone has already posted the same discussion within the last few days, the mods reserve the right to close duplicates.


Sanctions and Conflict Resolution




Generally, you can expect a warning, and a moderator will request that you review the channel rules before any moderation action is taken. Moderation action may be taken at the mods’ discretion if a user persists in violating the rules after a warning is given. This may include deletion of comments. Users who continuously violate the rules or purposely disrupt the community may be banned from commenting indefinitely.



If you have been banned by a moderator, you can request for the ban to be lifted by contacting us via email at This is the only form of appeal that will be considered. Discussions started on other channels will not be considered as a request to have your ban lifted. Please be aware that all appeals will be discussed by the entire board before a decision is made.