AMPHL Membership

If you are a healthcare professional, student, sign language interpreter, or advocate, you should consider becoming a member of AMPHL. Your membership dues would allow AMPHL to continue to provide services and advocate for deaf and hard-of-hearing medical professionals worldwide. AMPHL would also have room to grow as a nonprofit organization with your help. There are a number of benefits that come with joining our organization but here are the three biggest benefits:



Subscription to the Journal of American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (JADARA) and the opportunity for AMPHL to contribute at least three peer-reviewed articles in the journal!

member copy.png

benefit #2

Opportunity to participate in a formal AMPHL membership process in your field.


benefit #3

AMPHL hosts an international biennial conference focusing on individuals with hearing loss who are interested in or are currently working in the healthcare fields. Interpreters and other accommodation providers are also invited to join! AMPHL members receive discounts for conference registrations.  


A host of other benefits are also included:

  • Discounted memberships for students and retirees
  • Opportunities to apply for merit-based scholarships to attend AMPHL conferences
  • Online access to a cache of health care articles/references involving those with hearing loss as well as accommodation providers working in the healthcare fields (to be available in a members-only section of the AMPHL website in early 2020)
  • Access to the AMPHL blog archives (> 6 months).
  • Solicitation announcements via personal email for general professional development (i.e., research, publishing, presentation opportunities)
  • Access to a private publication of consenting health care providers with hearing loss


As of September 2018, our annual membership dues (in USD) are: