Conference Reflections

AMPHL Conferences: Reflections on their Evolution

How far AMPHL has come. As a newly minted medical student, I remember walking into the hotel lobby for AMPHL’s first conference in 2001, and immediately meeting two new friends who were likewise at the beginnings of their careers. That conference took place in a single room and lasted a day. Though I can’t remember the specific topics, we all knew they were relevant to us. The socializing afterwards helped us develop a nearly instant kinship, and that remains my personal favorite aspect of the organization to this day. 

AMPHL Conferences: Reflections on the Value of Meeting in Person

My first perception of AMPHL was mainly of an organization whose members were concerned mostly with amplified stethoscopes and navigating the issue of hearing loss during the job application process. Neither of these issues were directly related to succeeding in a surgical career. A good twelve years passed before I met a fellow member, Sam Atcherson, who encouraged me to attend an AMPHL conference despite there being no other surgeons in AMPHL at the time.