The Heroism Found in Working Together


Fort Clatsop Memorial.JPG

During a recent family vacation this last summer, I was shocked to run into a friend at the Ft. Clatsop Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.  My friend held his audience captivated with an enthralling story of how it took six men and nine shots with muzzleloaders to kill an attacking grizzly bear.  The moral of his story was: if we work together, we can accomplish great things… Including building an incredible fort capable of weathering the harsh Northwest winter of 1805 and killing grizzly bears!

 On Sunday, September 23rd, I was reminded that the day was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly as an International Day of Sign Languages and kicks off the International Week of the Deaf.  These two events are celebrated annually during the last week of September by our global community of individuals with hearing loss.  Whether you have a hearing loss, use sign language or a verbal medium, or are merely affiliated with the hearing loss community as a friend, family member, accommodation provider, or curious bystander, we invite each of you to join us at AMPHL in coming together as a team of like-minded individuals to empower one another towards our dreams, goals, and aspirations. 

 Just one month ago, the AMPHL Board announced the evolvement of our fantastic organization from a Club or Association to a bona fide professional organization with the instituting of membership fees along with a litany of benefits.  Since then, we have had over 30 individuals sign up to become official members of our one-of-a-kind organization with more individuals joining every day. 

 I invite you to help us continue to swell the ranks of the official AMPHL membership base.  We have made it simple and easy for you to join us with the launch of the membership portal found here:

Let us all strive to bring about the heroism found in working together to bring about our collective vision of equality of health profession opportunities for all!


Jaime A.B. Wilson, Ph.D., LP, is AMPHL’s 2017-2019 President.  Dr. Wilson is a licensed clinical psychologist/neuropsychologist. As part of the work in his private practice (Wilson Clinical Services, PLLC.), Dr. Wilson conducts comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations. The field of neuropsychology is dedicated to learning about and diagnosing conditions related to the brain and nervous system.