AMPHL Statistical Registry Launch

A common inquiry that AMPHL receives is how many d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing (DHH) individuals are in health care fields or specific professions. We have only been able to provide estimates based on numbers published elsewhere or on conference attendance and social media following. AMPHL started a statistical registry years ago helmed by Sam Atcherson, PhD, CCC-A and Thomas Kavic, MD. At the time, responses were emailed or mailed in.

However, AMPHL recognizes the need to maintain our registry with more and more DHH individuals completing their training and working in health care professions. We are excited to start collecting data again with our new and user-friendly online form. The form has been present on the website for some time now and responses have been trickling in. For those that have already submitted their information, there is no need to do it a second time unless updating with a second degree or address. This form is for those who have completed their training in a health care profession and now have a degree to represent that. If you are still a student, please wait to complete the registry form when you obtain your degree.

As per our privacy policy, the information collected will not be shared with any third parties. We will compile statistics based on the information collected and may share those statistics. It is possible that if AMPHL is looking for a mentor or someone to help answer a question based on a certain profession, we will look at the registry to find potential contacts if other sources have been exhausted. However, AMPHL will contact that individual first to get permission to be contacted by others.

Please help spread the word about the AMPHL statistical registry amongst your colleagues and contacts to ensure that all who qualify have registered. Thank you in advance for completing the registry form!