Free Stethoscope Raffle on June 11th!

 AMPHL has received four donated used stethoscopes to give away! We will be hosting a free stethoscope raffle at our conference in Rochester, New York, June 9-11. This raffle is open to our community, even if you cannot attend the conference.

Stethoscopes available:

  1. Cardionics E-Scope (never used)

  2. Cardionics E-Scope (used)

  3. Cardionics ViScope (used)

  4. ThinkLabs ds32a+ (used)

The drawing will take place Sunday, June 11th, after the keynote speech.

To participate at the conference:

Find the raffle bucket and fill out your entry form by Saturday night.

You may also find either Marcie Johnson or Megan Jack for any questions.


To participate online:

Before June 11th, you must email with the following info:

1.     Subject: Stethoscope Raffle Entry

2.     Name

3.     Student or Professional?

4.     Health Care Field?

5.     Email address / contact info

6.     List your preference order for which stethoscope you wish to win.

7.     If you are only interested in one or two options, then please indicate that you do not wish to win the other options.



1)    Only one entry per person.

2)    Must be d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing and either in school for health care or working in health care.

3)    The draw will be first-come, first-serve—first person will get their first preference, second person will get their first preference if it is still available, and if not, then they will win their second preference, etc.

4)    All winners are responsible for shipping fees. If you are at the conference, you may pick up your winning stethoscope there. If not, then we will put you in touch with the donor, and the two of you will arrange shipping.


A heartfelt thank you to the donors!