Letter from the Outgoing Digital Strategy Co-Chairs

AMPHL’s website and social media presence is managed by the Digital Strategy co-Chairs. For the last three years, we (Marcie & Megan) worked behind the scenes to overhaul AMPHL’s website and update our online content, while preserving the historical content. We were pleased to launch the latest incarnation of the website in January 2016.

We are turning over our positions to the next Digital Strategy co-Chairs: Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus and Kyle DeCarlo. They also welcome any contributions to our website and blog. Please contact them or admin@amphl.org if you have ideas. We heard from many of you over the conference weekend regarding content you’d like to see posted that would benefit our community. We are as strong as we are united, and all of our experiences and advice is invaluable.

It has been a joy leading AMPHL’s online presence during our term.

We look forward to the next chapter. 

Very best to you all,

Marcie & Megan