Announcing the 2017-2019 AMPHL Board

Earlier this year, AMPHL held an open call for board member applications, and we received a record number of applications. We elected 13 board members, including 6 returning board members. We will be transitioning to the new board in June.

If you are interested in joining a team, project, or committee, please contact AMPHL at or contact a board member. If you are attending the AMPHL conference in Rochester, you’ll be able to talk to any of the current and new board members about your ideas and interest in participating as we will have 100% board attendance!

—Please welcome the 2017-2019 Board.—


Executive Committee:
Jaime Wilson, PhD, president

Kyle DeCarlo, MPP, vice president

Sarah Hein, MS, BSN, RN, secretary

Keiko Kamiya, BS, treasurer


Board of Directors:
Mike McKee, MD, MPH, immediate past-president

Alicia Booth, Designated Interpreter

Marissa Clopper, MPAS, PA-C

Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus, student (MD/MPH/PhD candidate)

Alan Hurwitz, EdD, MS

Amber Kimball, BSN, RN (nursing PhD candidate)

Julia Selezneva, MD, MS

Scott Smith, MD, MPH

Mel Whalen, PhD, LP


—We thank the members of the 2015-2017 Board.—


Executive Committee:
Mike McKee, MD, MPH, president

Marcie Johnson, MPA, PA-C, vice president

Megan Jack, MD, secretary

Chad Ruffin, MD, treasurer


Board of Directors:
Wendy Eastman, MD, immediate past-president

Michael Argényi, MD, MSW

Sarah Hein, MS, BSN, RN

Amber Kimball, BSN, RN

Tom McKnight, MS, ATC

Chris Moreland, MD, MPH

Julia Selezneva, MD, MS

Scott Smith, MD, MPH

Jaime Wilson, PhD