FDA-approved Clear Surgical Masks -- Now Available!

Development of clear surgical masks has been a hot topic among AMPHL community members, and we frequently receive queries on whether any have been produced. Over the years, AMPHL has kept tabs on the various companies that have been developing clear surgical masks.

We are pleased to post this announcement from Safe 'N' Clear, on their new FDA-approved clear surgical masks, which just hit the market!




The Communicator clear surgical face mask is now available for everyone: hospitals, doctor offices, medical facilities, dental clinics, and you. 

The FDA approved The Communicator at the end of 2016. The Communicator is ASTM F2100 Level 1  barrier face mask (splash protection, filtration, and breathability standards). We are proud that The Communicator is made in the United States where we have quality assurance.

Safe’N’Clear is pleased to announce an introductory offer of 40 masks in a dispenser box for $60 or you can purchase a case (10 dispenser boxes) for $500 which is a $100 savings.  Shipping/Handling runs $10.00 for a dispenser box and $25 for a case.

We are getting the distribution lines set up with our sales reps and this process will take several weeks and even months in some instances. You can buy directly from us and get The Communicator clear masks delivered to your front door now.

Click on this link: https://goo.gl/forms/iAQ721kBcSu8cLzm1   Once payment is received, we will fill and ship the order.

What a long journey this clear mask has been and we are pleased The Communicator clear mask is ready for you; ninety three percent of communication comes from nonverbal cues- a major advancement for medical care and communication!


Dr. Anne McIntosh, President

Safe 'N' Clear