AMPHL Announces Partnership with Safe’N’Clear, Inc.

On behalf of the Board of the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses, we are pleased to announce a formal partnership with Safe’N’Clear, Inc.

Beginning today, 5% of any and all purchases of The Communicator Surgical mask, the world’s first and only FDA-approved see-through surgical mask, will be donated to AMPHL to help grow and expand our operations.

AMPHL Conference Testimonials

It was such an honour to attend the 2017 AMPHL conference. I can’t begin to describe in words, what this conference meant to me.  When I was in growing up in Indonesia, I was told that deaf and hard of hearing people could not be scientists or work in health care.  Sadly, my family thought the same too.  Determined, I went online and read about these amazing deaf and hard of hearing scientists and doctors from Canada and USA.  I was so excited to tell my family about their stories and believed I could do the same. 

Buckling Down Over the Summer (With Time For Fun)

Last week, my five-year-old son started kindergarten, and my seven-year-old daughter began 2nd grade.  As might be expected for a young child making the transition from summer vacation, the first few days of school were not without hiccups.  My kids missed their school bus the first couple of days, forcing us to buckle my other baby girl – a screaming two-year-old toddler – into her car seat as my wife whisked off in the minivan to drop off the first two.