The Heroism Found in Working Together

The Heroism Found in Working Together

During a recent family vacation this last summer, I was shocked to run into a friend at the Ft. Clatsop Lewis and Clark National Historical Park.  My friend held his audience captivated with an enthralling story of how it took six men and nine shots with muzzleloaders to kill an attacking grizzly bear.  The moral of his story was: if we work together, we can accomplish great things… Including building an incredible fort capable of weathering the harsh Northwest winter of 1805 and killing grizzly bears!

Our Membership Portal Is Now Live!


You asked and we listened! We have set up a membership sign-up portal, which is accessible here. As an AMPHL member, you will receive numerous benefits which include: discounted conference registration fees, eligibility for merit-based scholarship support, and a subscription to the Journal of American Deafness and Rehabilitation Association (JADARA), and many more!

Membership fees will be instituted yearly. Membership fees are presently prorated for professionals and students. If you are currently a student or a retiree, you are also eligible for student and retiree pricing!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here.

Thank you for your support!

On HeLa Cells & AMPHL Membership Fees

On HeLa Cells & AMPHL Membership Fees

AMPHL stands ever at the ready to provide advocacy, information, mentorship, and networking opportunities for those with hearing loss and accessibility service providers. As we approach 20 years since AMPHL’s founding, we find ourselves in an exciting era. The number of healthcare providers with hearing loss is growing. Our most recent conference had a record number 330+ attendees. We also now have 1,300+ individuals on the AMPHL Private Facebook Group page. Our future is bright. 

In order to ensure the fiscal sustainability of our organization and its continued growth, it is time for us to take further action.It is with great necessity that the AMPHL Board has decided to implement membership fees prior to our upcoming 2019 conference in Baltimore. Organization membership dues will not only pay for our yearly non-profit insurance premiums, website maintenance, costs associated with conferences, and provision of scholarships, to name a few – it will also provide expanded benefits to you.

The Best Advice

We have all received and given great advice.  I asked several AMPHL colleagues to share “The Best Advice” they received when premed, in med school, during training, or even after training that helped them through the thick and thin.  The advice may or may not be related to hearing loss.  Good advice can be positive or negative, but impactful and helpful.