Since 2000, we have connected deaf and hard of hearing health care professionals around the world and provided support in the form of advocacy and mentorship.


AMPHL began with several deaf and hard of hearing medical professionals (veterinarians and physicians and students) who found each other. Danielle Rastetter, Jason Sobel, Kate Salvatore, and Michelle Nashleanas met each other through a newly formed group called the Society of Hearing lmpaired Physicians (SHIP). Danielle Rastetter, Kim Dodge, and Candie Corriher connected with each other while searching for deaf veterinarians on the internet. ln the summer of 1997, Danielle Rastetter created the NOISE listserve for medical professionals with hearing loss, which helped everyone keep in touch and discuss obstacles and solutions for overcoming the challenges. SHIP had a meeting during the PriMed medical conference in Boston, MA in 1998. Danielle and Kim (in attendance atthat meeting) became frustrated that SHIP did not want to formally expand to include other professions such as the veterinary profession. Therefore, a new group, Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL), was formed to include all medical professionals with hearing loss. Danielle Rastetter registered AMPHL as a nonprofit organization in the state of Ohio in 1999. AMPHL's first bylaws were signed by AMPHL's six founders. Danielle Rastetter, Jason Sobel, Candie Corriher, Kim Dodge, Michelle Nashleanas, and Kate Salvatore. By January 10, 2000, AMPHL was listed as a nonprofit organization in the state of Ohio.

Fast forward 17 years, AMPHL continues to thrive, evolve, and grow. With the recent merging relationship with the Deaf Health Initiative, AMPHL is now incorporated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the State of Maryland.


Our Mission

We provide information, promote advocacy and mentorship, and create a network for individuals with hearing loss interested in or working in health care fields.



Promoting equal opportunities in the health professions among the deaf and hard of hearing.

The stories we share are about professional challenges, successes, failures, degrees obtained, new technology, job changes, marriages, divorces, illnesses, deaths, births, and kids growing up… When one adds up the actual time we’ve spend in physical proximity to each other (very little), and compares that to the depth of feelings we have for each other…one can only say it’s a magical bond that connects us all.
— Danielle Rastetter, DVM